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Posted By: GUEST,Gene
09-Apr-09 - 07:56 PM
Thread Name: Chord Req: Sweet Mama Hurry Home (Jimmie Rodgers)
Subject: Chords Add: SWEET MAMA HURRY HOME (Jimmie Rodgers)
From Jimmy Rodgers Song Folio #2

Note. Fortunately the arranger left off all the chords from H to Z!

Sweet Mama Hurry Home Or I'll Be Gone
Words & Music by Jack Neville

[F] I've been so [C7+] blue -- [F] And lonesome [C7+] too

[F] Ever since you went away [F7]

My [Bb] poor heart yearns for you both night and day [F] [Dm] [Gm] [C7]

[C7] Since you're gone -- the stars don't seem to shine

[G#] You [F] are [G#] al- [F] ways on my mind

[G7] I'm so unhappy - for I want just [C7] you


[C+7] But [F] there'll come a time

[F] you'll miss me [G7] and you'll be blue

[C7] There'll come a time

You'll want me [F] no one [F#] else will [C7] do
[Sweet [G7] Ma - [C7] ma)

Your [F] heart will long -- for my lov-[D7]-ing [Gm]

Then you'll see that you were [Gm] wrong

And I [Bb] know you will sigh [Bbm]

And maybe some-[F] times cry [D7]

But [Gm] then I'll [C7] be long gone [F](Sweet [D7] Ma-ma)

[Gm] Hurry home or [C7] I'll be gone [F]

Hurry [F] home or [C7] I'll be [F] gone [Bb] [Bbm] [F]

Next Verse

You won my heart - right from the start

I gave all my love to you

I never dreamed that you could be untrue

You have ways of loving all your own

That's what made me leave my happy home

Bbut now your're gone and I'm left all alone