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Posted By: Amergin
19-Jul-00 - 03:23 AM
Thread Name: Where are you?
Subject: RE: Where are you?!

The dreaded Opera singers may have choked your culture's folk music to unconciousness, but I doubt very much it is dead. It is up to you and your fellow countrymen (and women) to splash some water in it's face and revive it. If there is no song about missing your homeland, then make one up...Hell make up a bunch of them. Write songs about your childhood, songs about life in a new place from your Italian expatriate point of view, songs about leaving your country and what it was like, songs about your history, hell, just write some songs and spread them around. Just because there is no current Italian folk music scene doesn't mean there can't be one. If you and some of your friends start a revival, the results just might surprise you.