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Posted By: The Shambles
18-Jul-00 - 06:50 PM
Thread Name: BS: Killing the thread
Subject: RE: BS: Killing the thread
The longer The Mudcat forum runs, it will be obvious that threads do not die. It will not be possible to start many truly NEW thread subjects. They will be just variations on the existing themes.

I quite like the idea of linking threads with similar subjects, started at different times, with different contributors, together. It adds to our collective knowledge.

Sometimes it probably makes more sense to look for and refresh an older thread and add to it, than starting a new one.

When the 'navel gazing' season is upon us, it is the lesser of a number of evils to refresh one of these current threads, containing some good comments, before it drops off the bottom. For if it does drop off the bottom, you can bet your life that fresh ones will be created. It is probably better in my opinion to have one long-running thread than many such threads. It makes it easier to ignore, at least.

We can knock these threads but they are the only ones that everyone feels qualified and entitled to contribute to. For they are about The Mudcat forum and everyone here cares about that..