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Posted By: TheSnail
23-Mar-09 - 07:11 PM
Thread Name: 1954 and All That - defining folk music
Subject: RE: 1954 and All That - defining folk music
Jim Carroll

"apart from go on internet threads and rant about the deckline of UK folk clubs because someone said that someone once sang The Great Pretender in something that chose to call itself a folk club in defiance of the 1954 definition? You know it's true; you read it on Mudcat."
Sorry - this is the bit I took umbridge at -

I and a lot of other people I know work bloody hard to promote exactly the sort of music you want. Don't you realise how gratuitously offensive you are being when you sieze on bizarre isolated incidents like The Great Pretender to condemn ALL UK folk clubs as moribund? I take umbrage at that.