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Posted By: Mr Happy
18-Mar-09 - 12:18 PM
Thread Name: What makes it a Folk Song?
Subject: What makes it a Folk Song?
What makes it a Folk Song?

Age, provenance, endurability, popularity?

As I mayfve stated in other threads, in my own opinion, a folk song is any song most ordinary people know & can join in with.

Somefve these may be considered by some to be epopf rather than folk

But for me, when singing so called efolk songsf in public, scarcely anyone knows eem, but when I do stuff from the Eagles, Beatles, Stones, BeeGees, Drifters etc, everybody knows eem.

Lately a song, which has become popular round my way, is eBaby can I hold youf [Tracy Chapman]

Ms. Chapman is designated as econtemporary folkf, so does this mean all her popular compositions are efolk songsf?

And continuing in the same vein, rock, blues, jazz etc songs and classical tunes in etuneyf sessions [Carolan etc] are all popular in efolkf events, but are they folk or not?

Up to you?