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Posted By: Big Mick
13-Mar-09 - 04:19 PM
Thread Name: Folklore: Gallows Humour-laughing at death/disease
Subject: RE: Folklore: Gallows Humor-laughing at death/disease
Georgiansilver, you have been a very good mudcatter for a long time. But I completely disagree with your comments about the democratic nature of Mudcat. It has never been a democratic thing. We have often had threads that many did not like. But the rule is simple. If you do not like the discussion, don't be a part of it. But Max has always maintained a "hands off" on discussion topics as long as they were not a personal attack, or some sort of stalking situation, and recently we have the rule that BS topics are not allowed to be started by GUESTS.

Sorry, my friend. I have respect for you, and others who don't like this. But we are not going to allow pressure to determine the legitimacy of a thread, whether we find it distasteful or not. If Joe and I allow that now, what happens when you start a thread that many don't like, and which really doesn't violate the rules? If "they" can get this, then "they" can get you.

I find it interesting that many howl about censorship/moderators actions at the deletion of a personal attack or nasty behaviour, but think a subject they don't personally like should be deleted.

Sorry, but we aren't going there.

All the best,