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Posted By: Jack Blandiver
13-Mar-09 - 11:31 AM
Thread Name: Folklore: Gallows Humour-laughing at death/disease
Subject: RE: Folklore: Gallows Humor-laughing at death/disease
Just because someone chose to live that way does NOT mean we have to jump on the bandwagon to put them down etc. when they are in dire straits. As I said before, referencing the article in wiki with Joe posted the link to, she has withdrawn from public life. Leave her alone.

I agree completely, but the intention of this thread was never to laugh at Jade Goody rather to report on the folkloric phenomenon arising from her very public death. For the record, I am deeply alarmed by some of the comments that have made about Jade on this & other threads; personally, I think she's an absolute star (she won my heart by providing some canny foil for Avid Merion on the often inspired Bo Selecta* many years ago) and of course, all too human. If we do see the wayside shrines appearing after her passing, as they did after the death of Diana, I will be lighting a candle, as I did to Diana too.

Is this just a working-class thing I wonder? Our hearts getting the better of our heads? I dare say most of the jokes are working-class too; but the ones who are laughing will also be the ones weeping when the time comes. Respect.

* For those who don't know,and entirely in keeping with the thread: