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Posted By: GUEST,Tom Bliss
09-Mar-09 - 01:38 PM
Thread Name: Tom Bliss Article -So long and thanks
Subject: RE: Tom Bliss - So long and thanks
Hi Henry, I think you'll find that the folk-loving people who are not keen on floor singing, and who therefore never go to clubs, are completely different individuals to those who come or don't come on singers or guest nights. So the issue is slightly more complex.

These No-club Folksters would in fact enjoy the floor singers if they came (they darned well should!) but they've either been disappointed in the past, or they've never get beyond the Old Stereotype image barriers.

I suspect that the issues for Club-loving Folksters around singers vs guest nights are more to do with A) atmosphere - singers nights are frequently (I'm sorry to admit) much more fun than guest nights, because even good guests can become boring after 90 minutes, so even clubs where standards are 'not an issue' can be worth a visit, and B) perhaps cash, in that singers nights are usually cheaper than guest nights.

Important distinction.


PS We're working on a new version of N&S with T taking the vocal. It's considerably better than my solo one.