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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
25-Feb-09 - 08:10 PM
Thread Name: BS: February Declutter - keep the faith!
Subject: RE: BS: February Declutter - keep the faith!
How well do those old patterns sell? I probably have quite a lot of them.

Today I picked up my new glasses. They messed up. When I look at the screen the left eye (my dominant eye) is fuzzy--my old glasses are better than these. And on the new set the lenses are equally thick--that is the clue to the problem. My left lens is always thicker. When I moved them back and forth I see that they used the Rx for the right eye on both sides. Darn. I wonder if I have to wait another week to get the corrected pair?

Busy day away from the house, but I did a lot of de-cluttering at my office. I consulted with the Dean and we decided that there isn't a reason why we need to keep the working pages from back issues of newsletters. No loss to our Special Collections. So I bailed out the bottom drawer (so far) of a four-drawer file in which three drawers aren't being used well. I was able to put a bunch of hanging file folders back in the supply cupboard, dump many pounds of of paper into the recycle bin, and I packed two boxes full of envelopes of photos (that had been sitting on the floor) into the newly emptied drawer.

I have more of this to do, but that was a good start. The trouble is, I am in the business of creating paper stuff. And we keep back copies. So my office, more than a lot of the others, has to stockpile boxes and files. I don't keep the entire overage, I have a system to store them, but I have to revisit it every so often. I have to order more magazine files soon, because I have a bunch stacked cross-ways on one shelf. Anyway, it looks much better.