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Posted By: mouldy
24-Feb-09 - 06:03 AM
Thread Name: BS: February Declutter - keep the faith!
Subject: RE: BS: February Declutter - keep the faith!
Removed about three quarters of the combined ivy/honeysuckle/jasmine from the retainer wall on the "terrace", aka the patio that's slightly raised up at the bottom of the garden. Sounds like I was wrecking a beautiful thing, but the honeysuckle was choked by the other two and the jasmine hardly ever flowered - just grew like mad all over everything else, and rooted wherever it touched the ground!
But Peter never arrived with his trailer, as he had some problem crop up with something in his ordination training, from what I've heard. So I have this mountain of greenery to deal with. I'm going out there shortly to get at the rest.
I'd dump it myself today, but the agreement on the courtesy car I have for the day while mine's being fixed says clearly "no garden refuse". Bugger!
Ah well, maybe tomorrow. Anyway the car they gave me (V50) isn't as big as my V70, and it's actually clean, whereas mine is covered in bird muck (from the local roosting tree in next door's garden) and although it has a boot liner in it, which does keep the back end sort of clean-ish, I don't really bother about my car getting filthy - it has work to do! It does sometimes resemble a mobile skip, and looks very scruffy when it goes down to the Volvo dealership (it's still under warranty).

Have heard back from the surveyor, and the work to be done may not require the boarding, if the underlying floor is sound. There's some stuff that can be painted on. My idea of removing just the top few inches, rather than the whole floor, could also be viable. Suddenly I am starting to feel a bit more positive!