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Posted By: wysiwyg
17-Feb-09 - 07:33 PM
Thread Name: BS: February Declutter - keep the faith!
Subject: RE: BS: February Declutter - keep the faith!
This is a VERY big deal because it increases my range, mobility-wise-- dramatically. And it is a BIG de-clutter in that it reduced the stuff routinely on board in the van as well as stuff in the house.

It used to be that I had to drag a big, soft duffel for overnights, that held 12-- yes, 12-- pillows of various sizes. With these I could let go and sleep deeply just about anywhere, and recover from the arduous hurts of being in the Wrong Chairs too long at meetings, or in the car. People helped me lug it, at first. Eventually I took over the lugging. By last year I could strap it onto my back and lug it that way, myself. It was always worth the effort. But it took up so much room in the van... and it meant I could not easily travel without the van.

In the last year this huge duffel became a smart-looking, wheeled, airline-roll-on bag with miniaturized pillows. Today I added a matching rolling bag that contains the equivalent of a sleeping bag for 2 on a king bed, as Hardi and I often have wished we had in a lightweight, compact form. It contains sheets and a sheet blanket to layer over someone's carefully-linened bedding, so that I can roll it out, pop in, and leave the hostess with a fresh bed ready for the next guest, too, as I like to do.

These two bags, together, still take about half the space the one big pillow-duffel took, and they can be easily wheeled behind me or left in the van if they are not needed. And they are small enough to fit into Hardi's car if we go touring in THAT.

The pillow bag, being the more-essential of the pair, also holds lightweight jammies, toiletries, etc. My purse holds any necessary meds for the few days I'm usually away. More meds are usually safely stored in the van's glovebox.

A third, small shoulder bag-- they came as a set-- now holds the great ToughBook that just came my way, and its accessories, including the 2GB flash key of things to give away on my travels and the print matter for whatever workshop I may be leading (or marketing) out there.

I am OUT, OUT, OUT! All I need now is a GPS.......