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Posted By: Big Mick
15-Feb-09 - 02:24 PM
Thread Name: Calling all Martin Guitar Nerds
Subject: RE: Calling all Martin Guitar Nerds
Second Art. Elderly sells more Martin guitars than anyone in the US. They have a repair shop that is second to none, and even the Martin people have sent instruments to them for major restoration. They deal in collectable guitars, and especially Martins, on a daily basis and you can trust their appraisals completely. I have never known them to be anything but ethical in their dealings and they are the only luthiers I send my guitars to.

With regard to the comments about George Gruhn, I have never dealt with the man, so I know nothing of his attitude. But it is important for you to accept the responsibility of understanding the approximate value of your guitar before you walk in. The first offer will always be low, regardless of who is making the offer. Some will be ridiculously so. I know that the attitude of the buyer is that they simply make an offer, and it is up to the owner whether they will accept it. I watched a fellow once accept an offer on two guitars his Dad had owned. One was a late 50's Telecaster, the other a late 50's Strat. He accepted a first offer of approximately $6,000 for the two of them. Hell, the Telecaster alone was worth $10,000. I asked him why he sold them, and he said he wanted to buy a Harley. Serves him right. (tongue in cheek comment there, folks). I asked the dealer if he felt bad and he said no. He said he expected a counter that never came. Pay attention, and know approximately what you have before you walk in the door.