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Posted By: Willie-O
12-Jul-00 - 10:57 AM
Thread Name: Oak, Ash & Thorn Opening for the Coppers(2000)
Subject: RE: Opening for the Coppers
Geez, this thread is one I've been neglecting--turns out to be important. Really doing stuff huh?
  1. What is FSGW? (I know what DC is, but...) May not be completely impossible, but its a long haul.
  2. My gig at the Yellow Canoe Cafe is on for this Fri, and Ceitagh & 'rents may show, and my gang is coming. Its a cool little place in an attractive, very old by east Ontario standards (1790) Rideau Canal town about an hour from my home, and I have a lot of friends there.
  3. Anybody up for some real hardscrabble, I've got a place (the old commune, still going strong, there's a decent campsite and I have a cabin there) up near Algonquin park.
  4. What in the hell is Charmin? (My early-80's forestry education concentrated on industrially significant species, with just a glance at forest plant species as site indicators, most of which I've forgotten.) Or is that a joke or sumpin?