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Posted By: Phil Edwards
29-Jan-09 - 04:39 AM
Thread Name: Why folk clubs are dying
Subject: RE: Why folk clubs are dying
I've said it before (probably on this thread) and I dare say I'll say it again (ditto), but if folk clubs round here are 'dying' it's strictly in the "nobody goes there any more, it's too busy" sense.

True story, lightly edited. As the towels were going on the taps after a recent musical swarrey, the conversation among the hard core of pint-nursing traddies turned to Those Other Clubs...

"ClubOnMonday's good."
"Yes, I used to go there a lot. It's a nice setup. Very mixed, though, the kind of stuff you hear there."
"Yes, that's why I don't go to ClubOnTuesday so often."
"Really? I thought you were a regular."
"No, I go now and again. It's quite mixed, though."
"If you want mixed, you should try ClubOnThursday."
"Is it still...? I thought it had improved a bit."
"The thing with ClubOnThursday, it's so busy - you only get one number."
"And it's mostly..."
"Yeah. Some good stuff in there, though."
"Still, thank God for ClubMonthlyOne and ClubMonthlyTwo, eh?"
"And ClubFortnightly, don't forget that."
"Yes, I really must get down there some time."
"When you think about it, there's quite a lot going on, isn't there?"

[I'd like to apologise on behalf of the group to ClubOnFriday and OtherClubOnTuesday, which nobody mentioned, and which are also very good. Quite mixed, though.]