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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
25-Jan-09 - 03:21 PM
Thread Name: Seasick Steve - how big in the US?
Subject: RE: Seasick Steve - how big in the US?
'What irritates me is the fact that Martin Simpson is so much better at slide guitar than Seasick, and yet I don't see the BBC giving Martin the airtime that they give to Seasick. Ridiculous!'

Try signing up for one of Kevin Brown's fabulous slide guitar seminars at Bath this summer. Kevin is an astonishing slide player - whilst Martin has a few interesting bits and pieces - Kevin has made slide guitar HIS thing. Not only that - he always has someone with him - who is a revelation as a slide player. invariably someone whose name is fairly unknown but absolutely walks on water as a slide player - Bryn Haworth was the course tutor - the year I went.

Kevin though - what can one say - his choice of instrument, his commitment as a teacher and musician to slide playing are unparalleled in England. awesome!

Try checking out also Scott Ainslie's amazing video about Robert Johnson.

You could add Michael Messer to the list.

however its not really about the nuts and bolts of musicianship. Its about charisma. its about performance ability. About having an act that sweeps away a huge roomful of people, and takes them with you - dancing, whooping, stopmping and hollering, and then being able to take it down, and then accelerate the mood at will.

rather reminiscent of the way that Christy Moore can do.

In short SS's music is vital, original and has thought out strategies and goes places the other guys have never bothered about - and quite frankly its stuff you're unlikely to learn learn in the mainly effete world of english folkmusic.

i have measureless respect for martin Simpson, but lack of tv exposure is not the reason that seasick Steve is a bigger draw.