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Thread Name: Songbook Indexing: Hispanic-American
Subject: Index: Favorite Spanish Folksongs
Favorite Spanish Folksongs: Traditional Songs from Spain and Latin America
Compiled and Edited by Elena Paz
Oak Publications, 1965 (3rd printing, 1967)

Desde Mexico he venido (From Mexico I've Come) - Mexico
El humahuaqueño (The Humahuaquenian) - Argentina
Vidalita (My Little Love) - Argentina
Boquita colorada (Pretty Little Mouth) - Bolivia
Noches de luna (Moonlit Nights) - Argentina
Los contrabandistas de ronda (The Smugglers on the Town) - Spain
Con las abejas (With the Bees) - Spain
A la una naci yo (I Was Born at One O'Clock) - Sephardic
Avridme, Galanica (Let Me In, Galanica) - Sephardic
Arvoles yoran (The Trees Cry) - Sephardic
Subo, subo (I Climb, I Climb) - Argentina
El venadito (The Little Deer) - Mexico
Nobleza india (Indian Pride) - Bolivia
Taripaiócha-cucharata (Please Pass the Spoon) - Argentina
Cielito lindo (Heavenly One) - Mexico
La Borinqueña (Puerto Rican National Anthem) - Puerto Rico
La India (The Indian Maid) - Chile
Lucumi (Lucumi) - Cuba
Corrido de la campaña reeleccionista (Ballad of the Re-election Campaign) - Mexico
Corrido de la miseria (Ballad of Poverty) - Mexico
Corrido de los oprimidos (Ballad of the Oppressed) - Mexico
Corrido de las tres pelonas (Ballad of the Three Flappers) - Mexico
La Bamba - Mexico
El cascabel (The Rattle) - Mexico
Celos (Jealousy) - Bolivia
El cierro - Chile
Las mañanitas (Birthday Song) - Mexico
Venid, pastoricitos (Come, Little Shepherds) - Spain
Los pastores a Belen (Shepherds to Bethlehem) - Spain
Esta noche nace un Niño (Tonight a Child is Born) - Spain
De las montañas venimos (We Come From the Mountains) - Puerto Rico
Sonccuiman (To My Heart) - Peru
Achachu - Peru
Roman Castillo - Mexico
La zandunga - Mexico
A la rurru, niño (Hush a Bye, Baby) - Spain
A la nanita nana (Rock a Bye, Baby) - Spain
Eres alta y delgada (You Are Tall and Slender) - Spain
Cuando yo me muera (When I Die) - Argentina
Mucho te quiero (I Love You Very Much) - Argentina
Mi caballo blanco (My White Horse) - Chile
El Pequen - Chile
De larga jornada (The Long Journey) - Latin America
Miren cuntas luces (See the Many Lights) - Latin America
Echen confites (Scatter the Bon Bons) - Mexico
Dos puntas tiene el camino (The Road Has Two Ends) - Chile
La Liorona (The Weeping One) - Mexico
Una tarde fresquita de mayo (A Fresh Afternoon in May) - Argentina
La rana (The Frog) - Mexico