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23-Jan-09 - 06:02 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Buried alive - is this story true?
Subject: RE: Origins: Buried alive - is this story true?
Margorie McCall - Lived Once, Buried Twice

Lurgan's most famous (infamous) legend (or myth) concerns a certain Margorie McCall, whose tombstone in Shankill Graveyard carries the inscription, "Lived Once, Buried Twice". (Her name is spelt as Margery in certain texts which we have seen ... however the spelling used throughout is that on her gravestone.)

The McCalls lived in Church Place. Margorie - as her husbands and friends thought - died and, after a few days, was duly interred in Shankill Graveyard. At the time of her passing away she had on one of her fingers a very valuable ring which friends and family tried in vain to prise from the corpse. To no avail. And Margorie was buried, ring and all.

This fact somehow came to the knowledge of a local thief who was determined to get his hands on the ring at any cost. On the very night of the poor woman's interment, he entered the graveyard, began to dig and uncovered the coffin in its fresh grave. He levered open the lid and his eyes lit on the prize he was after. No amount of tugging and hauling would shift the rig, however. And so, since continued skulduggery in the grave would increase his chances of detection, he decided to take a drastic course of action. He produced a knife and set about the gruesome task of severing the corpse's finger.

No sooner had he drawn blood than the "corpse" sat up in the coffin and confronted him. Like a bat out of hell he tore of the grave and across the graveyard!

In the meantime, Margorie's poor husband had been sitting alone, mourning his loss, when he heard a knock at the door. He recognised the knock as being similar to Margorie's. "If she was alive, I'd say that was her at the door!" But when he opened the door to receive the evening visitor, to his astonishment there stood Margorie, in her grave-clothes. He fainted on the spot!

But, thankfully, he soon recovered and found that his wife, supposedly dead but who had in reality been in some sort of a "swoon", was restored to him. Both Margorie and her husband lived for some years after this event. And when at last Margorie departed this life for real, her gravestone recorded the fact that although she lived only once, she had been buried twice!

Pay The Reckoning cannot, of course, shed any light on the possibility of such an event occurring "in real life". Real or not, it's a good yarn and one which is still current in Lurgan .