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Posted By: Joan from Wigan
18-Jan-09 - 03:06 PM
Thread Name: Any songs on The Witchfinder General?
Subject: RE: Any songs on The Witchfinder General?
Many thanks for those corrections, Helen. That makes the first part of the song:

He will find you, he'll come searching, innocent or guilty yet
He will ask and you must answer, condemned to die by Pyewackett

Are you listening Matthew Hopkins, are you sleeping sound
Can you hear us scratching from our graves in the ground
We are                         we are Reid and West
We are Clarke and Mills and our souls cannot rest

And I'm also unsure whether "but of all you are wrong" is wrong, as it's not grammatically correct, and the "all" could possibly be "old", although that doesn't really make sense either.

As for the suggestions of paedophilia, I recently read the book "Witchfinders", which is more or less a biography of Matthew Hopkins. The author Malcolm Gaskill had researched the subject in depth, and there were no suggestions in the book about this. Not that that's any sort of proof, but I would have expected at least a mention if there had ever been any serious accusations of untoward behaviour.

Love the idea of a musical - those song suggestions could be worked on to excellent effect!

Can anyone fill in the remaining blanks in the Shave the Monkey song please?