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Posted By: Les in Chorlton
09-Jan-09 - 06:25 AM
Thread Name: Morris joins the Dodo?
Subject: RE: Morris joins the Dodo?
Ed Worral challenges me on Gorton - fair point. I have clearly failed to explain myself and not for the first time.

Gorton, now 'resting', were revived in the 1970's by a collection of young men from Gorton. They based their dances and kit etc. on the accounts in the Gorton Historical Recorder from the 19 C. The records show Gorton to have beeen a male only side and that's what was revived in the 1970's.

I danced with them from '78 to around '83 and much enjoyed the experience with an amazing collection of people. We danced at a number of Festivals and nearly went to Russia but much more often we danced at local events and often did small pub tours on Friday nights in what were once small towns and suburbs of Manchester. Sometimes in the rain, on the pavement outside pubs and chip shops. I think that was part of the history of Gorton and it certainly made for dramatic, atmospheric experiences for people going to the chipy.

The business of collapse and revival seems to have happened to many of the sides that existed through the 19C and into the 20C. This has just as true for Gorton as it has been for famous Cotswold sides.

I used to think Morris was "old and strange" and that was why it was worth seeing. Northwest sides with their big teams, elaborate kit, sometimes brass bands are somehow straight out of the Industrial Revolution, are "old and strange" in a different way but still part of the history of working people.

People will do whatever they want and that's fine. But I am still unclear about what, for instance, mixed Border sides from the south east are reviving.

I would like to know what Simon Care thinks about "The Fluffies", the Carnival Morris of girls, quite common in the Northwest. They are clearly evolved from Northwest Morris. Should they be encouraged to join the Ring or the Federation? Will Northwest, Cotswold or Border sides be inviting them to their next day of dance?


L in C