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Posted By: p.j.
07-Jul-00 - 02:39 PM
Thread Name: Oak, Ash & Thorn Opening for the Coppers(2000)
Subject: RE: Opening for the Coppers
Testosterone abounds. This great hulking gentleman tried to treat me like a girl! Must've figured I'd never been hiking before (forgetting what I do for a living). In any event, Ciara and I demonstrated that legs work the same way whether or not they are denim-clad. I told Mick if he saw anything he didn't recognize, feel free to ask questions.

We then had the distinct pleasure of watching Himself leap tall pine trees with a single bound! What is this gene in guys that makes 'em jump over trees? I suspect it's the same one that requires them to reach up and smack the cloth awning that overhangs the sidewalk as they go down the street. At any rate, I'm here to tell you, whether it's scaling fallen forest logs or dancing in the rhododendrons, *this Mick can MOVE*! Very impressive.

I now have a pretty green rock in my fireplace, collected from the famous hill where he and the lovely MaryLou first pitched woo. Next time he posts about going there to be alone and play his whistle, I'll look at it and smile.

By the way, Peter-- you, Mick, Bonnie and Willie-Oh-My are definately on my list of favorite cures for insecurity. Didn't hurt any that Duckboots kept us well supplied with beer all the afternoon.....the more you drink the better I get!

Honest ta gooones, though, it's been amazing to have a musical influence like Dave in the house. He got me into traditional music, and I can't believe I'm lucky enough to sing with that voice anytime I want. We're off today to go hear Oak Ash & Thorn do the National Anthem at the Oakland Coliseum, and I'm very excited! Does anybody get the televised game with the Diamondbacks tonight?