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Posted By: Big Mick
07-Jul-00 - 11:55 AM
Thread Name: Oak, Ash & Thorn Opening for the Coppers(2000)
Subject: RE: Opening for the Coppers
I better explain before El Swanno wonders what the hell that is all about. During the day while Swannee was annoying teams of oxen, I took Peej and the wee Ciara in the Jeep and showed her around some of my special places in the State Game area I live in. Included in this was the Duffy graveyard which is a small family plot along side a rode in the middle of the woods. It seems completely out of place, but they were Catholic and hence buried apart from the Protestant graveyard. The father, mother and two daughters all died less than 15 years apart. Then I took her to my hill where I go and play to commemorate my friends who have finished this part of the mortal journey. It is also where I proposed to my wife and then we got married up there. It is a very tall hill that looks out over Gun Lake and this big old forest. Quite beautiful and a bit of a hike through the woods. When we went over to another site, there was a big fallen tree over the path and Peej had a skirt on. While I was standing there wondering, Peej told me to get my big arse moving and was I an eejit enough to figure that she couldn't climb a tree. Of course the wee Ciara, who is completely enamored of PJ, pipes in with a "yeah, Da" and off we went.

All the best,

Big Mick