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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
07-Jan-09 - 05:37 PM
Thread Name: Review: Tom Bliss and Brian Peters
Subject: RE: Review: Tom Bliss and Brian Peters
Tom Bliss RRRRRROCKS! :0)

Have you got his 'Island Stories' yet, Colin? 'Boat to Burhou' is so lovely that you'll need to play it over and over again. And...have you seen him playing live? He's a **great** storyteller, one of our very best. I've just ordered 'The Whisper' a few minutes ago, given a gentle nudge by you, so thanks for that.

AND...(but shhhhhh...don't tell him this..) ;0) I've been reading Tom's posts for many years now, and he comes across as one of the fairest and most inclusive people on the English traditional (and non-traditional) scene. Having seen him at Sidmouth a year or two back, I'd also say he's a very kind and gentle man too.

....and as I sit here listening to his 'Island Stories' I'm thinking of one of Tom's songs which found its way to China a while back, via Myspace. It was a song I saw him perform at Sidmouth with Tom Napper, one that he said he sometimes felt unable to introduce himself, as the story behind it, The Dying Rooms in China, affected him so deeply. Luckily, for one baby girl, there was a happy ending and Tom's song was written for his friends, who became her new family.

'Turn And Face The Wind'

I sent that song over to a Myspace 'friend' of mine in China, who was in the process of adopting a little baby girl, found abandoned on the streets of his local town, where he teaches English. Clay was really touched by Tom's song. And Tom, if you read Clay's blog entitled 'The Swallows Nest' you'll see that life has moved on for he and Pam, in an even more positive way. Heck, knowing your capacity for songwriting, I'd expect it's possibly more than likely that another song lies somewhere in that blog too.

I've just found a video about The Dying Rooms, but it's far too distressing to post here. Suffice to say, I'm so very pleased that Sacha has a new life, with people who love her dearly.

And lastly, if anyone's reading this, who's not yet heard Tom's songs, then take a look at the link below, which goes to the lyrics of his songs, with information on the stories behind them all, and you'll begin to see the calibre of Tom Bliss's songwriting skills. The subjects he covers are wide, varied, interesting and informative.

He's a real Treasure! :0)

Tom's Lyrics