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Posted By: Lizzie Cornish 1
04-Jan-09 - 04:58 PM
Thread Name: Folk Music: Recommendations For a Newby
Subject: RE: Folk Music: Recommendations For a Newby
I've gone orf most traddy music nowadays, for various reasons, but Barry Lister is still on my list, as he's the greatest sense of humour. alongside an amazing voice. That man can literally make you double up with laughter, just by looking at you, when he'll splutter with giggles, or..he can bring tears to your eyes with his singing.
He has the twinkliest eyes and a naughty sense of humour, and he has a very large instrument too. :0)

He sings rrrrrrrracy songs about doxy's, doxies and even doxeeeeees too. 'Scuse me psellin' but I is inteelectually beereftt which is why I's given up traddie music 'cos I ain't intellijent enuff for it and kan't kope wiv all them akademiks wot have tacen it ova.

'Ghosts and Greasepaint' Rosie..get it and you'll love it. It's Barry's CD, HIGHLY recommended.

Oh, and Barry's instrument is a tuba, by the way. :0)

Or.....was it a euphonium....or perhaps a trombone...or...a slide guitar...doh...Anyways ups, it was very big and he blows on it hard, and it made me laugh when I saw him playing it, 'cos I've a terrible sense of humour and find things like that ridiculously funny..

Anyway..(adjusts face to more normal expression of sour & dour to get back to the true trad experience)...acoustic singer songwriters are very good too, because, of course, they are the New Tradition.