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Posted By: Jim Carroll
29-Dec-08 - 03:45 AM
Thread Name: Why folk clubs are dying
Subject: RE: Why folk clubs are dying
Don't panic; don't panic - it is not my intention to re-open a subject which I believe has been given a sufficient enough airing to suggest that arguments such as this do not change anybody's minds - it would be extremely naive to suggest that they do. After all, most of us have given the subject enough thought and gone through enough experiences at the 'folk face' in the past to have fairly firm opinions and knowledge on whatever we discuss on these forums.
The best we can hope for is that we arrive at some understanding of each others opinions and bear them in mind when forming our own - that's how it has usually worked for me anyway.
"The nit-picking, sneering, mean-spirited comments here are NOT good advertising"
It is this, and similar statements I wanted to comment on.
The world of folk - 'folk' even - includes one of the friendliest, co-operative, generous and dedicated group of people it has ever been my good luck to encounter (try the theatre, or classical music, or thumb through some of the pop-mags if you want snide, backbiting, self-interest/promotion/indulgence/importance - whatever).
This forum is full of contributions which offer advice, help and material - often to a staggering degree in my experience.
For me, and I suspect, for a few others, the music that we have spent quite a long time attempting to promote to a position we believe it deserves, is under threat of disappearing as a performed art. That some of us feel passionate enough to be prepared to risk ruffling feathers and frightening a few horses on occasion, is a strength and nothing to do with nastiness or mean-spiritedness - it means we care enough to speak our minds - long may that continue to be the case.
I am extremely grateful to the original questioner for her thought-provoking question - the only disagreement I have with her is that she felt it necessary to apologise - it wasn't; nor has it been for those who have gone before and hopefully, will come after.
A Happy New Year to all - including those whose noses we have got up.
Jim Carroll