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Posted By: Bat Goddess
22-Dec-08 - 01:09 PM
Thread Name: Curmudgeon in the hospital(was)
Subject: RE: Curmudgeon in the hospital(was)
Sorry, didn't see this thread right away after we got home this morning and Mudcat came back up. I just finished doing all the shovelling I intend to do today (deck, paths to woodpile and driveway) and we're waiting for our plow person to come and finish the plowing job he'd done earlier (probably before it had stopped completely, but enough for us to safely navigate the long driveway on foot to the house).

Right now I'm going to curl up with a book and something warm to drink upstairs while Tom probably heads out to the store to get the wherewithall for a good supper. The fridge and freezer are still pretty bare after our six days without power.

Here's my post to the Portsmouth Shanty Session thread where I tried to update everybody when Mudcat came back online --

Have I mentioned yet that I'M REAL TIRED OF WINTER?!?

Got up and out of the Motel 6 around 9-ish this cold but sunshiny morning. Made the very necessary stop across the street at McDonald's for Tom's coffee -- he's been seriously caffeine-deprived since Saturday. Despite the fact that his doctors say there's no proven connection between caffeine and heart afflictions, the cardio floor at Portsmouth Regional is caffeine-free.

Fortified with coffee (Tom), orange juice (Linn) and sausage McMuffins we managed to get home having only once to stop and clean the road crap off the windshield (and get gas in the ol' Suburu, too).

Home is good. The cats are happy (and Rufus is chasing Sabine to prove it). The house is getting warmer. More real coffee has been made and consumed.

When Tom brings my shovel back down from the head of the driveway, I'll finish clearing off the deck (I've already used his shovel -- less than optimal for me -- to clean off the steps and uncover the firewood I'd left on the deck yesterday morning) and shovelling a path to the woodpile.

It'll be good to sleep in our own bed tonight. I'm feeling beleaguered by winter and exhausted physically and mentally, but a good dinner, hair wash, and sleep will probably hae me feeling better before I go to work tomorrow noon-8:00. The other good news is my coworker who originally wanted to take about a month off really wants to work more hours again (I think she's gotten her medical issues ironed out) and is working for me today and it looks as if I'll be back to my previous schedule in the next week or so.

Yesterday was really strange, not only staring out the fourth floor window at the raging storm outside (most of the time we couldn't see the shopping mall across the street -- just McDonald's and Longhorn Steak House), but watching television which we NEVER do. Eight hours of the Food Network wasn't bad, but I still have no desire to try to schedule any TV watching until the next time I'm stuck with it.