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Posted By: Peter Kasin
05-Jul-00 - 04:11 AM
Thread Name: Oak, Ash & Thorn Opening for the Coppers(2000)
Subject: RE: Opening for the Coppers
A special night it was. It was my first time at a coppers concert. On stage, there was a table. The coppers were very warmly and movingly introduced by Dave of O.A. and T., and then they came out and sat around the table. It gave the venue an "at home" atmosphere, as they looked relaxed as they told anecdotes, family history, and background information on the songs. Two of the more humourous moments: Late in the evening one of the Coppers said, "Here's another song from the Oak, Ash, and Thorn repertoire." (big audience laughter) Earlier, they told of their meeting with and affection towards Utah Phillips. "We were telling him about all the places we were going to on our tour - we're going here, then there, the next day there, etc. Utah then answered 'If you sing like that you've got to travel!' I always carry a bus ticket in MY pocket!'" Oak, Ash and Thorn started the evening off with their own brand of warmth, humor, and fine singing. They are also keepers of the flame of English folksong - and of the old Rice Krispies commercial (which they sang at their own concert at the Freight a few weeks earlier).