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Posted By: Faye Roche
17-Dec-08 - 06:16 PM
Thread Name: Why folk clubs are dying
Subject: RE: Why folk clubs are dying
"From: greg stephens - PM
Date: 15 Dec 08 - 07:18 PM

I sense (as usual) that this thread is a bit of a troll wind-up situation. Faye Roche, the instigator and keeper-going, is a professional folk singer apparently, acording to herself. A litle more information please?"

No it isn't, and no I'm not, and have never claimed to be, though I do try to perform to a professional standard- sorry if that offends you. And this thread has kept itself going with very minimal input from me.

I'm not trolling anyone. I'm just passionate about upholding a music form that I love and which I'd like to share with as many as possible. If you can't see that it's your problem not mine.

There are several rather better-reasoned posts in this thread but it's time for bed- not being a professional folkie I have a job to go to in the morning.