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Posted By: Anne Lister
16-Dec-08 - 05:54 PM
Thread Name: nic jones stories
Subject: RE: nic jones stories
I had just come back from living in France for two years and wanted to get back into playing at folk clubs (professionally). I was staying at a friend's house in Islington and another friend and I decided to go and see Nic at a club in (I think) Barnet. I'd been a huge fan of Nic's for years but had never met him properly.
It was a filthy night and we arrived at the club just as it was starting, so when I asked if I could do a floor spot I wasn't surprised to be told they'd already been sorted out. However, I was just sitting down and removing my soaking raincoat when the organiser appeared at my elbow and said one of their singers had hurt his hand so could I do a couple of songs after all? Immediately, as it turned out. So I did, somewhat bothered that this would mean Nic probably wouldn't hear what I did (I hadn't noticed him in the club room). I performed "Icarus" which was a fairly new song to me and to the world at that point.   Then I sat down and waited until it was Nic's time to perform.

To my amazement he came up to me at the start of the break, demanding to know who had written "Icarus". When I told him it was me his jaw dropped, visibly, and he asked if I would send him a copy on tape and gave me his address.

At that time I had nothing properly recorded, but in due course I did make a decent recording of "Icarus" and sent it to him. No reply. No acknowledgment. So I thought, hey ho, that's the way it is - he probably listened to it again and didn't like it as much. Shrugged my shoulders and got on with things.

Some months later I was invited to a party where he and Martin Wyndham-Read were due to play. I arrived at the house at the same time Nic drew up in his car, so we went to the front door together and he started telling me about audience reactions to "Icarus" - which of course he had been performing all this time. We spent most of the evening talking songs and singing and songwriting, thereby I fear alienating our hostess and many other guests at the party ... but that's how Nic was responsible for my song getting out into the world.

Such a fine performer, such a fine human being. I'm privileged to know the man.