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Posted By: Nick
14-Dec-08 - 07:58 PM
Thread Name: Why folk clubs are dying
Subject: RE: Why folk clubs are dying
>>Is there ANY point me posting anything ??

There, there. People are probably still pondering it's inner depth. Sorry couldn't help it.

It's a nice thought but I have recently been through an exercise like that following similar advice on standards in Folk Club Manners thread etc and doubt I'll go through it again. In the context of a singaround- session perhaps it's inappropriate.

I thought I would try and 'help' by making some comment. It's driven two people away who now think that I'm a complete pillock. The other two it has made not a happorth of difference to (the hide on one of them is of the proportion of several rhinoceroses). So I won't be doing it again as it hasn't improved standards at all and just served to piss a few people off.

Still it'll save on Xmas cards this year so it can't be all bad