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Posted By: Richard Bridge
14-Dec-08 - 07:25 PM
Thread Name: Why folk clubs are dying
Subject: RE: Why folk clubs are dying
There seem to be separate planets here. I, of course, am on planet Antedeluvian, but my daughter is not. She went to a stage school where they always wanted her voice for the dramatic musical interventions. Her then band was not wholly comprised of people on the music course (she wasn't, nor was the drummer) - but the course director was heard to say at one sessional concert "At last we have produced a band".

So why do I say this? Well, since then she has had three electric bands, and she knows lots of electric musos. And so far she is a smidgeon over mid-20s.

Never mind whether she likes "folk" (or knows the difference - she does - but then both her parents were skanky hippy old folkies): the point is this.

Not wholly infrequently some of her electric muso friends (google "Redshift" for some, google "Endless Summer" for others, google "Death Cats" for yet more) blow into a folkie song/session - and the pretty universal view (unless she is lying to me) is "Wow! People actually play music together! This is great! Someone does something, another puts a bit in here or there. The massed harmonies!"

It is the musicians supporting the break from the consumer society in which the couch potatoes consume pap.

No, participative music is not dead yet. And Simon Cowell will kill it before we do.   

Yet the "standards" brigade tell us that we are killing the music. I think that planet is on an eccentric orbit.