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Posted By: filidh
14-Dec-08 - 04:04 PM
Thread Name: Why folk clubs are dying
Subject: RE: Why folk clubs are dying
the real question is what is folk?

some are looking for something very professional and some want a social atmosphere. and of course some want very traditional music and some see bob dylan as folk.

these debates have gone on for years. i have found folk clubs are cliqueish and often have very set ideas about what is folk--often based on little real knowledge, but then i have also met some of the best musicinas i have ever known at folk clubs.

i wish they were friendlier to new commers and other ethnic groups. and i wish that there were less middle class bigotries and more real rootsy people , and i especially wish there were less selfrighteous amd narrow minded "organizers". those kind of people often set rules that are thinly veiled class and ethnic bigotry. .but lifes tough and i have found lots of good fun and good music at many folk clubs.

much better music than at :professional " gigs. i do both and i see a lot of very good looking and coolly dressed twenty ssomethings sharing gigs(i have often done gigs with several acts) who can barely play an instrument and have a the singing range of the scottish bagpipes.

folkies tend to be older i guess and the young have their own movement. in canada its heavily bluegrass and mountain music that circoles around regular bars and not folk clubs--well i go to those more often than folk clubs .

so what the complaint really is is that there are not enough "folk police" to keep up standards. whewh!! that would be a nightmare