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16-Nov-08 - 03:41 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Kumbaya
Subject: RE: Origins: Kumbaya
Hi there i've been wanting to know the meaning of KUMBAYA for many years as my father used to sing my sis and i to sleep with it,and

finally today i went to the dictionary that led me to this site and i found that it means COME BY HERE thats great to know but i think

theres more to it than that as it is spelt origionally like this KUM BA YAH now YAH is used alot in the bible and it is GODS NAME in short which is YAHWE being a bible student i also learned that HALLELUYAH

means Praised be YAHWE as you can see they both end with Yah, so i am assuming that KUM BA YAH actually means COME BY YAH if it is i love it even more,but i'll tell you why when i get your reply,til then MAY YAH bless you!! hope to hear from you soon tata.....