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01-Nov-08 - 07:29 PM
Thread Name: BS: Election fraud
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The initial post is refers to a video on Brasscheck.

For fun, here is another piece on "voter fraud" from the same people.

"Delores Evans' Death Investigation Continues
From Brasscheck  
Just days before she was scheduled to be interviewed about the strange happenings at her poll during the stadium bond election in Bayview Hunters Point (San Francisco), poll inspector Delores Evans died along with six children in her care in a suspicious fire. Before the ashes were cold, Mayor Willie Brown who has never been beyond Third Avenue in that neighborhood in his life, was pointing out the building's "faulty construction" to television camera crews.

I have written about this episode at length before. Here's where the citizen investigations stands now according to Doug Comstock. It's a good account of what researchers who seek simple answers to simple questions routinely encounter:
"Terence Hallinan finally released the files he promised to provide in May of '98. Though, because we trusted Hallinan's word, our formal request for the investigation into the mysterious fire that killed Poll Inspector Delores Evans and her six children was not made until 2/3/99. The fire occurred in December of 1997 (prior to her expected deposition about the strange occurrences at her poll #3005, which were subject to a separate investigation requested by Germaine Wong in July 1997). The City Attorney still refuses to release the results of that investigation into voter fraud, but it is known that handwriting experts were called in to examine the Roster.
Those who have been following the various promises made by the DA regarding these files already know that he promised again at the CSFN to provide them "when Sunshine is passed by the voters." He didn't. Later, while on the hustings before the Harvey Milk Club he told the assembly in an unmitigated lie "Doug, you know that I have already given you all the files you requested." He hadn't.
I don't like it when a "friend" pisses on my backside, but when he tells me, with a straight face, that it is raining--I get pissed.
Those of you who follow Sunshine battles will be interested to know that, though the formal request was on February 3, 1999, the call came today (March 6, 2000) from the Fire Department, telling me that the DA had released the files and that I could come down to the Fire Department, with my copy machine, and make copies.
I am afraid Jennifer Thomas tried to pull that one on the wrong person. Without considering that she was possibly an intern, I informed her, as one of the contributors to the new Sunshine law, I could confidently say that I would not be hiring a truck and bringing my copy machine to her office, "I will be using your copy machine" (the taxpayer's that is). Nor will I be bringing my own generator to plug it in.
Unfortunately I do not expect to find any incriminating evidence in the files, but it will be interesting to see what does not appear there. -Doug"
In what is possibly a first in American history a judge has ruled, and been passively upheld, that a citizen's petition can be removed from a ballot if the wording on the petition does not suit its opponents.
You may recall that over 15,000 San Francisco voters signed a petition calling for the 49er stadium election to be re-held due to numerous irregularities accompanying the vote. In any other situation, this would have been enough to have the matter put on the ballot as a referendum automatically. In fact, only 11,000 voter signatures are required.
Willie Brown challenged the petition on the grounds it made dishonest claims and the matter was put before a San Francisco judge (who retired a few weeks after making his decision.) Refusing to hear evidence as to whether the claims were accurate or not, the judge decided that they were indeed inaccurate and therefore the petition was invalid and was barred from appearing on the ballot.
This is a first in California history and possibly the first time this has ever happened in American history. The case has been appealed up the the State Supreme Court which just denied a petition to review the case.
For people not familiar with the story, the "pro stadium bond" forces outspent the "anti-bond" forces $4,000,000 to $100,000 and enjoyed the benefit of a *weekly* private meeting with the editors of the city's two papers. Going into election day, the "anti bond" forces were ahead 20% in the polls and the early count showed the polls were more or less accurate. In its history, San Francisco voters have never approved a tax payer funded cash grant to a private business for the purposes of building a sports stadium.
Late election night, the ballot boxes stopped coming in. The delays - some up to 3 hours - were attributed to "rain caused traffic delays." It didn't rain that night and the city of San Francisco is only 49 square miles. A person can walk from one end of it to the other in less than 3 hours.
Reports came in in the scores of ballot boxes with their seals removed, intimidation in the polling places, and blatant electioneering by poll observers. When the votes from the delayed ballot boxes came in the "pro stadium" side ended up winning the election by less than 1%.
A few days after the election, the mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, directed that a $300,000 grant be made to the business of the man who ran the campaign for Bayview-Hunters Point, the district that supposedly voted 90%+ for the stadium. In one polling place in that district, a review of the polling book showed that many of the voter sign ins had been signed with a single hand. The woman in charge of that polling place died along with five children in her care in a suspicious fire a few months later, the largest number of fire fatalities in San Francisco in over a decade.
The last time election fraud was credibly charged in San Francisco, Willie Brown and his close political ally Jim Jones of Jonestown infamy were involved."

{continued at Brasscheck website}