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Posted By: Donuel
22-Oct-08 - 03:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: Spread the Truth About ACORN
Subject: RE: BS: Spread the Truth About ACORN
With the full weight and money of federal government prosecutors they have prosecuted exactly 24 people over 6 years.

There have been 2.3 million voters that have been removed from the rolls due to foreclosures, poverty, ethnic status and the new 2006 law based on the success of Catherine Harris tactics.

Colorado is looking at purging 20% of the voters.

24 fraudulent votes vs millions purged is a bit lopsided.

and rich white bigots want to keep it that way.

If your name is White aged 35 and above with your own home, you will probably not have your vote challenged.
If you are a college student or have an ethnic name or are part of the armed services overseas, your vote will probably disappear prior to counting.

If you mailed in your vote there are over 50 picky criterion to throw your vote away such as not an official envelope, you abreviated your middle name instead of writing it full on your registration etc.

If Acorn had been smart they would have burned the bad registrations rather than give zealots the opportunity to say that someone who registered as Harry Potter of Grifendor is tearing the fabric of democracy to shreds.