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Posted By: GUEST,Spleen Cringe
10-Oct-08 - 03:21 PM
Thread Name: 70s Folk Rock
Subject: RE: 70s Folk Rock
My belief is that M.Ted is talking about American folk rock, which I would contend - much as I like some of the bands he cites, so this is not a value judgement - is an entirely different beast to UK folk rock, although UK folk rock was arguably inspired by the challenge to do with British folk forms what The Band had done with the American equivalent.

I agree with Redmax's comment about Mellow Candle, Loudest Whisper et al being folk influenced rock as opposed to folk rock. I'd add Comus, Bread Love and Dreams, Dr Strangely Strange and a few others to the mix. Personally I'd rather have folk influenced rock than rock influenced folk which often seems to consist of grafting a soul destroyingly pedestrian, painfully plodding rock rhythm section to a perfectly good folk song...

I won't cite examples in order to protect the tedious...