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Posted By: Genie
03-Oct-08 - 02:50 PM
Thread Name: Ralph Stanley endorses Barack Obama
Subject: RE: Ralph Stanley endorses Barack Obama
What Jack said about Stanley's and Palin's qualifications.

DougR, you say Ralph Stanley's opinion carries no more weight than yours or Bobert's.
But that's not really so.   Popular celebrities - regardless of their "expertise" or lack thereof re politics - have a much bigger microphone than we "nobodys" do.   And many people ARE influenced by what their beloved singers, actors, sports stars, rock stars, etc., say about politics and candidates. (Heck, people like Jesse Ventura, Ronald Reagan, Arnold S., Fred Thompson, etc., even get elected to governorships and Congress with no more political experience than you or I have - but with a lot more visibility.)

What's more important is when ANY well-respected "conservative," Christian "Red-state-er" endorses a "liberal" Democratic candidate from a big city up North, with a Harvard degree and a middle name that reminds them of an Arab dictator we overthrew - well, that represents a significant crack in the foundation of the coalition between the Christian Right "social conservatives" and the plutocratic "fiscal conservatives."