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02-Sep-08 - 12:43 AM
Thread Name: Fiction : The Dead Man's Guitar
Subject: RE: Fiction : The Dead Man's Guitar
It was late and Christobel eagerly awaited her lover and husband, Reynard. She strummed the lute, quietly for a few minutes, then lost patience. With a forceful strum, the lute filled the room with jangled, discordant music full of petulance, anger, and longing. In a pique of real anger, she flung it from her. It hit the stone wall and fell in a heap of broken bits.

"My lady, my lord comes! He is here!" her maid came running into the room to inform her.

"Quickly, you, gather up the lute and haste away with it, " Christobel ordered her.

She strode over to her looking glass to pinch up her cheeks and check her hair. A dark visage with smouldering dark eyes stared back at her, black hair streaming down around her shoulders and trailing to the floor at her back. Her gown was tightly cinched in a crisscross which emphasised her breasts and small waist. Two of her attributes she knew Reynard cherished. She started as she heard his heavy footsteps ring out on the stone-flagged floor. Her door was flung open. She turned and raised an eyebrow, giving a slight turn up of her lips as well.

"What-ho, my darlin' wench. Come here and give me suckle for I've need of your charms tonight, my dear," a tall man with equally black hair and dark eyes called out at her.