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Posted By: JohnInKansas
18-Aug-08 - 04:21 AM
Thread Name: WVA 2008 - Winfield Festival
Subject: RE: WVA 2008 - Winfield Festival
Time to panic at our house.

The camper is partly loaded, moved to the back drive where it's more accessible than at the "storage" spot in the back yard. Except for the requirement to mow the two-foot high weeds to get to the camper, and hack a hole in the wisteria that was blocking the back door to the house, the movement was "uneventful."

The tow van, as usually, is bursting at the seams and sagging in the a** with my usual overload of "essentials." Left to load, or to organize for Lin to truck down later:

- - Her sewing table (she can take care of the sewing machine, material, threads, needles and other girly stuff).
- - Camp decorations (mostly lights we're in the habit of stringing).
- - The rumble seat for her "mobility" scooter. - necessary because tail lights are required at night in the campground, and the rear basket that I added is the only place to put them.

- - Oh yeah ... maybe an instrument or two, and I haven't picked out the pair of britches to wear for the next month.

Refrigerator turned on to cool down about an hour ago. It takes several hours to "stabilize" at safe temp when it runs off electric, and will do much better when I get parked and turn on the gas. Due to the slope in the driveway, and the necessity to "level" the camper to operate the reefer safely, the rear of the van is jacked up about two feet, so neighbors giggle when they jog past, but it should work.

Since I got such a late start packing up (almost nothing done before May 15 this year) I've got most of the repair parts to restore life to "defective and marginal" trailer systems after last year's outing; so I'll have something to do in the pre-lineup.

Some shopping to do tomorrow, largely for "perishable food" basics.

I've also barely started organizing the stuff that Lin will need to load when she comes down. The main problem is finding a place to "organize" where she won't be tripping over things before she's ready to come down, but where she absolutely will trip over them when it's time for her to load up.

Target TOA is 07:00 or slightly before, Wednesday morning for me. Lin is guessing she'll come down (to stay) about 01 Sept.

Lin suggests a warning for Bill and Deanna that Glenn (Murph/Murphy) dropped by and said he's anxious to play with them (he mentioned "in lineup"). He didn't comment on whether it's his dulcimer or his spoons he has in mind. If that merits special camouflage for the egg, let the rest of us know how to recognize it, or if you hide it from us let him know. (Plastic flamingos are still available, but does anybody make a plastic ostrich. A large bird would be a perfect and appropriate addition to the Lisk campsite, I'd think.)

Murph said that he intends to "dump his trailer" in the pre-lineup Wednesday, but will make "occasional visits" the keep an eye on things - if the jury summons he got a couple of days ago doesn't upset things. I got a similar one at about this time last year, but my doctor happily certified that I was incontipent, incontinept, inepticant. %#$@^@!! not healthy enough to participate.