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Posted By: Jayto
17-Aug-08 - 01:34 PM
Thread Name: Tone Deaf Leopard (note spelling)
Subject: RE: Tone Def Leppard
There is a band here in the US called Hayseed Dixie and they do cover songs of AC/DC and on later albums branched out to Metallica and Motorhead among others. There is a legend that the band has put out about themselves. They claim that they were raised in the Appalachian mountains I can't remember the exact state. They said they were really isolated from modern society and very poor. One day they found a car that had plunged from the road high on a mountain into a valley (or holler as they are reffered to here). The car contained the body and supplies of a record salesman. The salesman had vinyl records that he was trying to sale stashed in the trunk of his car. They took the records and played them on thier victrola record player. Then they took these new songs and learned them on thier instruments and Hayseed Dixie was born. A friend of mine helped with the marketing and he had me cracking up sitting around one night brainstorming. I don't really dig them too much they play up the steroetypes of Appalachians too much for me. They are good musicians and the image thing is kinda funny but there comes a point where it crosses the line from marketing and making fun of stereotypes y'know. I am not some sensitive type that gets my toes treaded on easily but c'mon My family are Appalachian and there is a point where you have to say enough lol.