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Posted By: Jayto
13-Aug-08 - 08:43 AM
Thread Name: What murder ballad is the saddest? [songs]
Subject: RE: What murder ballad is the saddest?
Kent I am not a historian nor claim to be. Sin eaters are not something that is practiced today. I put that up there as a half way tongue in cheek joke. I have heard stories about the sin eaters my whole life. Older people mainly told me about the practice and it did exist. You will find there are alot of takes on biblical text. If there was not different viewpoints on the text we would not have so many different types of churches. Penecostals, Holiness, etc... I am not a religous scholar either so don't hammer me on that. Are you familiar with death eaters? If you are maybe you can help me if I was misinformed. Explain your take on the death eaters and what they were suppose to do. As far as Biblical interpretation it is not as black and white as you say it is c'mon you know that. Personally I have never seen a death eater I have only heard tales fakelore or folklore at times it is hard to make a distinction. All I have is a lifetime of stories from older people about the practice. Foot washings, covering mirrors, sitting with the dead, there are alot of old traditions that are rare if practiced at all anymore but they once were. The song Oh death I don't know I dig the song I had heard that it was a funeral song from several people it may not be who knows. and I don't really care. That is the one I have heard the least about. The death eaters though is something I know was a practice at least in certain areas because I have heard alot of older people talk about it. Anyway I put death eaters and death sitters in a half joking way lighten up.