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Posted By: JohnInKansas
05-Aug-08 - 12:54 AM
Thread Name: WVA 2008 - Winfield Festival
Subject: RE: WVA 2008 - Winfield Festival
The Land Rush and all the lineups aren't really a problem if you're young and healthy enough to get by without 1.) an electrical hookup, and 2.) easy access to water.

A secondary reason for going through the miseries would be if you are part of an "established camp." If a group wants/needs to camp together, and especially if they have a preferred place, a sufficient percentage of their people have to "get there first" to stake out the site.

I find it "astonishing" (in lieu of more appropriate but possibly offensive words?) that WVA awards "best campsite" trophies, but 35 years into doing this offers NO WAY that a camp can be assured of being able to setup their campsite in any appropriate place. Some (a couple of dozen) of the camps have very elaborate "setups" involving multi-K$ in "community" equipment, and can find themselves with no appropriate place to set up.

In our case, an electrical hookup is mandatory if we are to be at the festival. Lin requires insulin (3 or 4 different kinds) that must be refrigerated. When it's >$100 per bottle, and when undetected spoilage can be fatal, relying on ice chests is NOT AN OPTION. She also requires a mobility scooter if she's to be able to get more than about 100' from our site, which means frequent recharging of batteries. I'm supposed to use an oxygen concentrator while sleeping, which requires electrical power for four or five hours per day, at least. (I should be using a scooter to get around the campground, according to my doctors, but I can't figure out how to get another one in the van.)

If I'm not one of the first 40 through the gate at landrush - to the Pecan Grove - we will NOT (legally) have a hookup and will not be able to stay. This means, usually, being in about the first 250 total in the lineup, and there will be at least that many rocks, tarps, tree limbs, inoperable utility trailers, etc., unattended but with "camping permits" in the pre-pre-lineup on the first "legal" day when you can enter for the "Pre-lineup."

If you are part of a group that can secure their area, you probably - if you camp light and don't need electricity - can come in and be "squeezed in" at almost any time, without doing the lineup and landrush. That depends largely on how friendly your camp is, and how many "rules" the group is willing to break.

If you don't need the electrical hookup, you can bring a (small-to-medium) tent in at anytime, and can find a place to camp.

Water connections, via "community" garden hoses, frequently are extended far beyond where the electricity goes, although the pressure may be almost undetectable at the down-end; and (if we're there) I can probably loan you a garden cart if you need to "lug it" from a more remote water tap - if you can supply the bucket. (I do need the cart back, during the festival, since I use it to portage my blackwater to the dump - but I don't usually spill much on the cart.)

There are on-site "public showers" if you feel the urge to smell less bad.

There are on-site "fast food" vendors of a sort during "business hours," and the town has several "acceptable" restaurants. The Wally converted to a "super store" a year ago, so you can get some groceries there, and they seem to have an unusually good stock of camping and RV gear not carried by most WMs. It's next door to a Dillons market, and back down a different road there's another small market.