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Posted By: JohnInKansas
03-Aug-08 - 05:17 AM
Thread Name: WVA 2008 - Winfield Festival
Subject: WVA 2008 - Winfield Festival
2008 WVA Winfield Acoustic Music Festival
Officially the 37th year

Time is growing short, and I'm not packed yet.
[I copied that from last year's report]

In reverse order of happening - last first.

Official Festival Dates: September 17 21, 2008 (Wed thru Sun)

The official festival is when all the hired guns get there and put on their acts, and the hobby and craft people are set up to sell their stuff to pay the mortgages. A few music vendors bring their really high priced stuff good place to look them over if you can look rich enough.

Landrush September 11, 2008 (approximately 07:00)

All campers must exit the campground and re-enter in lineup order as part of, or after, landrush to try to get their favored campsites and electrical and water hookups as needed. When you get to camp after landrush, you're "at the festival" even though it doesn't start for about a week. (The sole discernible purpose of this exercise is to tear up your camping gear in the hope that you won't come back next year, and to avoid the requirement for anyone associated with organizing the festival having to actually do any organizing associated with those who camp, but it's sort of a "tradition," I guess.)

Lineup 07:00 September 4, 2008

The WVA takes over the fairground and you're "allowed" to line up for the big Landrush. No permanent setup it's just to get in line and wait, but the pickin' sort of gets started pretty regularly then. The OFFICIAL WVA announcement is that nobody is allowed to arrive before this time and that ALL CAMPERS must enter throught the back gate after 07:00 on this date.

Based on past experience, if you actually do arrive at this time, the "locals" (and some not so local, but who know the local back alleys) will have blocked all the public roads to the entrance to allow their "friends" from the pre-lineup (and elsewhere) to enter ahead of "the public" so you can expect about 300 400 campers to be in line ahead of you.

Pre-Lineup: 07:00 am 21 August 2008

Unofficially, you can camp in the RV park for 14 consecutive days, if the grounds haven't been reserved by someone. So far as is known, the campground will be open this year, but there are no guarantees. Since this happens before the festival assn "takes possession" they WILL NOT provide any information. In the early years of the festival, by "gentlemen's agreement" people lined up in fairly nice order during this period and proceeded to the official Lineup in good order. REFUSAL of the festival organizers to talk to the fairground people, or perhaps refusal by the fairground people to cooperate, has led to a "competitive" attitude on the part of some, with results that I find "annoying" but that some of the competitors seem to enjoy.

While posted park rules state that any "camping unit" left unattended for more than 24 hours will be impounded and removed, by tradition, for this festival, you may mark your "place in line" with a small brick, any hunk of junk, or an old T-shirt staked to the ground (all used last year), and may leave it unattended until Lineup day, as long as your "marker" has a "camping sticker" attached showing that you paid to camp.

It is, in fact, something of a handicap to actually be present in line as for those of us who require "medical provisions" securing an electrical connection during this period invariably (six years straight now) will result in "diversion" to a "more convenient location" some 50 to 100 "places" after your actual time of arrival. Since in past years approximately 30 50 campers have actually "camped" in line (of about 400 "spaces reserved" in line) the campground pickin' is irregular during this time, but some of it is pretty good, and you get more time to get acquainted with the folk who are there.


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The Official website: Walnut Valley Festival. Check here for the lists of performers, contests, and schedules.

The "unofficial" site where all the good stuff is: Don Shorock's Unofficial WVA Pickers' Paradise

Far too many pictures from past years on Lin's site at
(Several other camps, and some mudcatters, have websites see the WVA and/or Pickers' Paradise for links, or perhaps some of our people will add links here to their braggin' spaces.)

With less than three weeks to finish packing and get down there, my time is short; but with any luck we'll manage to get in. If all goes as hoped, "Thumper" (our camper's brand name, which is unique and well known) will be in the "Pecan Grove" for the festival.

Stop by and say "Howdy" if you get a chance.