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Posted By: adventure
01-Aug-08 - 12:57 PM
Thread Name: Update: Portland (Maine) Maritime Festival
Subject: RE: Update: Portland (Maine) Maritime Festival
Oh all need to spend some time on a boat in close company.

We are going to Barry Finn's set and standing up in the front row so no one can see him.   

Barry...being from Gloucester, I thought that Micca was a mineral that was used in insulating material.

We are bringing 23 PA systems so if one gets wet we can change it.(big car)

Kendall....I'm bunking with you....already did that, didn't soon they forget.

Jeri...can you please bring some rolls and a small sheep???? They help with alergies and colds. "I'm never sick"

We are bringing two new members who will be singing with us...Richard Cerebellum and Richard Hertz....who will dare to introduce these fine upstanding lads from Essex????

Portland will not be the end of the will be the beginning of a new annual festival.

By tomorrow morning all will have a focus on getting the job done.

Mary, Jacqui and all have done a great thing here with the museum.

Let's all row hard and make it happen(in the same boat)

Like my Newfie grandmother said...."if you can't fish....cut bait!!!"

Well.....let's get her done as they say.

I love to park and drive cars!!!! I'll do that, too.

The man from Camden knows where we park cars in the harbor!!!! Funny story it is.

I do love to park cars....just hand me your keys...Oh look there's JR going around in circles in a parking lot following me...we didn't get far. Anyone got a GPS??

So the moral to the story is "it's nice to be nice"

Let's make this a great day and have some fun while doing it.

So tomorrow will be fine and we will all work together to make this happen for those whom we dearly love and appreciate.

Doryman and his mate