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Posted By: reggie miles
08-Jun-00 - 08:56 AM
Thread Name: froggie went a courtin
Subject: RE: froggie went a courtin
There is a great rendition of this song on a Tom and Jerry cartoon. The only version I've heard that compares is one I caught at a back yard party I played years ago. Our hostess requested it and joined in with a verse or two of her own and had the most amazing nonsense line I've ever heard. I finally after years of gentle prodding got her to send me a tape of her most unusual nonsense phrasing. I posted a related thread a while back trying to find confirmation of a word used to describe nonsense phrases. A book titled Conundrums calls nonsense words or phrases "crambo". In the Tom and Jerry version of this song the singer uses the word crambo at the end of each of his nonsense verses. Nathan, do they mention the T&J version at that site?