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Posted By: Fiddlin' Big Al
07-Jun-00 - 02:25 AM
Thread Name: Help: Personal Songbook question
Subject: RE: Help: Personal Song Book question
I happen to be a fiddler AND a bookbinder too. There is no easy answer. A cheap and sleazy method would be to use a roll of clear packing tape to reinforce the punched or soon to be punched edge of the paper. Fold the tape over so it covers both sides. (Re)punch your holes. I like the computer based concept and printing out needed replacements. I've been playing in bands so long, doing only the same 8-10 songs as my contribution to the gig that Ive forgotten about the personal fake book. I've also gotta dig it back out of my archives and relearn a ton of what I used to know. I typed in on a manual typewriter about three centuries ago. All the binding methods mentioned in the thread above share the same problem -continued stress on paper in the looseleaf format every time you flip the pages. Hardbinding would eliminate that but sacrifice content flexibility in a still growing collection, but if your book is so thick already maybe hardbinding is the solution. The trick is to copy your collection onto 11x17 paper so it can be folded into signatures, sewn on a book sewing machine, trimmed and glued into a hard cover. This would be a permanent solution. Paper folds & unfolds much more nicely than it can be forced along the rings of a looseleaf or plastic comb binding. I am able to receive a computer based personal song collection by email attachment and produce it into a hardbound volume that would open up nicely and lay flat. No wear and tear on pages at the binding edge. I'll try it on my old book and get back to you. If anyone wants to try this my email is