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Posted By: Banjer
04-Jun-00 - 10:20 AM
Thread Name: Dog stories....
Subject: RE: Dog stories....
Ah, where to begin? Can't remember a time that there wasn't at least one dog around. Sometimes also cats, but loveable though cats can be, their independence makes them stray sometimes. Not so dogs. The current boss here in the house is a Chow/Shepherd mix about eight years old. He's been with us about seven and a half years. His intelligence knows no bounds. The facial expressions and body language he uses to communicate never cease to amaze me. His primary love in life is a tennis ball. Looking around the house I can see about a dozen of them in various stages of destruction. I don't set an alarm clock any more. Bear will come in and wake me each morning when it's time to get up. He doesn't do it on Saturday or Sunday, knowing that I'm off those days. Sometimes I'm already awake when he comes in, but lie around until he comes to do his job. It seems he takes a certain pride in prforming his duty.
Last December 27th I had to perform one of the hardest things a dog owner has to do. My 13 year old Shepherd, a faithful companion for over 12 years had contracted cancer and it was time to say goodbye to her. I have had have dogs put down before, but my Dee-Dee was the hardest I ever had to face. She was constantly by my side. If I sat in the chair in the living room, she lay beside it. If I moved to the couch, she also moved next to it. In her early years she knew when I got up from my chair in the living room it must be bed time and followed dutifuly down the hall. In later years she would get up and stand in the hall watching to see if I was coming, walking back to nudge me if I didn't move fast enough to suit her. She was everything a person could ask for in a companion. I chuckle occasionally when I think of her antics with the cat across the street. April (the cat) would come to the front door and meow until Dee-Dee was let out and took up the chase. April would then head for the nearest fence or under a vehicle knowing that the 65 pound dog would not fit where she would go. This game lasted between the two until April and her family moved away. As I sit here thinking of Dee-Dee and all the love she brought to me I can't help but feel sorry (not condemn) those that think dogs are 'stupid beasts' Unless one knows the unconditional love of a dog such as Dee-Dee or Bear, or any of the many others in my life, one cannot understand what real love is.