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Posted By: katlaughing
02-Jun-00 - 02:34 PM
Thread Name: Dog stories....
Subject: RE: Dog stories....
Nice thread, KGH, I am a little rushed right now, so am going to plagarise my own previous posting about our Current Canine. It has been really nice to read what others have to say.

Midchuck, I get pissed off at those who walk our neighbourhood with their dogs loose, not only because of the safety factor, but also because they usually allow them to poop and pee on everyone else's lawn! I've a mind, some days to follow them home in my car, with my dog, then take him out on a leash to their grass and have him do his business!

So, anyway, here's a past bit about our little darling:


I live with the world's most anticipatory dog, a McNab Border Collie. He is not only constantly watching and always ready for action, he works very hard at thinking what my next move might be. His intelligence can be downright scary at times.

It is as though we are playing out a chess game of life, for he has infinite patience and, despite his vigilance, is not a nervous or nerve-wracking dog in the least. Like a Fischer or Kasparov, he calmly, silently studies the lay of the land, eyebrows like independent question marks, going up and going down, until he has figured out his next move, based on my own, and we are off.

He is full of joy for life and an eagerness to please, with a modicum of reserve when it comes to the usual dog things: doesn't run off, never barks without a good reason, and eschews the company of his own kind (in fact, he is downright curmudgeonly to his own kind.).

Like a child, when he hears his "dad/s" vehicle pull up, he is at the door, which I open for the sheer joy of watching him race out to the truck, every inch of his body exuding utter happiness to look the fool in letting his "dad" know that he is glad he's come home. Or, if Rog doesn't come home at the usual time, like an old curmudgeon, he rattles the miniblinds, shoving his nose under them to glare out the window, and mutter/curse at me with deep gruffness.

There is not a day that goes by that he doesn't make us both laugh at the spontaneous love of life which fills his every pore. Joy, eagerness, calm acceptance, wanting to please; without disparaging those I've had before, I have to say he is the smartest and most engaging "furperson" I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. Here's to Merlee!