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Posted By: Metchosin
02-Jun-00 - 01:21 PM
Thread Name: Dog stories....
Subject: RE: Dog stories....
I have two wonderful dogs "Old Wort" of mixed heritage, possibly a wirehaired dachshund/terrier cross who looks a bit like a Dandy Dinmomt with his large soulful eyes and zen demeanor and "Maddy" a young hyper West Highland White Terrier who unfortunately hates cats.

We are not sure if he likes folk music, but "Old Wort" is definitely an opera buff. From the time we rescued him from the SPCA, he sang along with our daughter when she practised and studied voice. He could hit high notes you wouldn't believe, his phrasing wasn't bad and his tone superb, although his pitch could be a little off at times. He had preferences regarding singers as well. He would enthusiastically sing along to recordings of our daughter and Leontyne Price, but he doesn't care for Maria Callas or any of the newer sopranos and found tenors a bore.

Sadly, in recent years, "Old Wort" has gone deaf and only when our daughter faces him and cups his ears in her hands to sing him a few bars, does that old spark and fire return to his eyes and he will lift his head in joy and belts out a few soulful lines.

Maddy too, (named for Maddy Prior) is not interested in folk music, but spends a lot of time on her hind legs, jumping up and down in front of the TV watching animal shows. She is particularly fond of "Jock" on Hamish MacBeth and can recognize the introductory music for the programme from outside the house and can manage to be inside to perform her "dance" in front of the TV screen before they have even got through the second bar of the theme.

We got Maddy to revive Old Wort's interest in life and keep him young at heart and because of her enthusiastic wandering eye it has worked.