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Posted By: Donuel
14-Jun-08 - 01:20 PM
Thread Name: BS: Smear a Llama Here
Subject: RE: BS: Smear a Llama Here
What better place to post classified information than smearing llamas...

In the world of surrveiliance a few conundrum remain such as disposable cell phones paid for in cash. Monitoring these purchases world wide is still a hole where privacy still thrives - for now.

If you own a North Star system in your automobile or a Cable TV box at home you are wide open to an invasion of privacy greater than that of warrentless wire tapping.

The North Star system has given permission to one way listening of what ever is going on in the car. In the hands of divorce lawyers or competators this is good stuff to have.

With Comcast cable boxes they have the capability to listen AND watch. The other two providers are suspect but evidence is sketchy.
With the same noise redution technology in headphones or building sir systems the sound of the TV is virtually eliminated and a clear acoustic signal can be sent back to the provider. A pin hole video camera within the IR receptor is good within 20 feet.

All that can be done with all this data is to store it just in case.
The human frailities fears and foibles make the "just in case" argument a teflon slope. We human beings are a bit like ants. We are not all that intelligent on an individual basis but collectively we can do incredible things. Even the person in charge of terrorism investigation and intelligence gathering is not that smart. They even admit to not knowing the differeince between SUnni and Shia and this distinction is uninportant.
But collectively a group of people with limitless data can do serious harm to people with broad brushes and vengeful fearful imaginations.

If you are reading this now you can be assured that your data has been stolen, sold and resold many times over. The new insurance companies that have sproung up to protect you from the people who have stolen your data are in some cases the very people who helped steal it.

In co operation with a program called DARLA, a process we will call the Mega Cookie can cross reference everything about you by you merely viewing an internet page.

What is really scary about this is that assumptions are amed every step of the way when looking at you. The assumptions are never good ones when looking for evil doers and always assume that it is you doing the viewing. Cross ferencing by computer will take unrelated hot words and assemble them as a list which would make you appear guilty of heinous things by your word choices over 10 years.

The solitary stupid ant can become your nemisis as easily as the entire intelligence of the colony. The reason will invariably be inrelated to the initial job of national security.
The harm may be as unknown to you as the entire surrveiance process.
If it hpaaens to you note that it will come in the form of D's

Delay, denial or death.

Any rellation between this story by Don Hackman and real people or events is purely coincidental