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Posted By: PoppaGator
02-Jun-08 - 04:25 PM
Thread Name: BS: Name for kitten?
Subject: RE: BS: Name for kitten?
A generic cat-name very commonly used in New Orleans and throughout South Louisiana is minou(x) (sp?), pronounced "min-OOO," reportedly a French word for cat. Yes, I know, "chat" is the French word for "cat," but minou is another word, perhaps analogous to the English "kitty," "pussycat," etc.

The shortened/Anglicized version of minou is, of course, "Minnie." We had a female Minnie who got locked in the house for Katrina and starved to death when we were unexpetedly delayed for six weeks before we could return home after evacuating with two days worth of clothing.

Her son, named Leroy, was outside when we had hurriedly locked up to evacuate, so he survived. He was feral for moe than a year after Katrina, running the streets with the racoons who had taken over the neighborhood in the absense of human inhabitants.

Leroy was born in my dirty laundry, so he and I have had a deep "imprinted" relationship for his whole life, especially when I've been stinkingly sweaty. Nevertheless, he was very reluctant to return to domestic life when we first returned from exile. I'd see him once every week or two, and he definitely reacted when I called his name (verifying to me that it was indeed him, not a lookalike), but for months, he'd immediately run away when I called.

Shortly after my mother passed away, we inherited custody of her cat Pookie (the ninth or tenth "Pookie" to have lived in that house, dating back to the early 1960s when my late father named a kitten after a tv-star cat puppet belonging to Soupy Sales).

Only when he saw a rival feline occupying our house, his former home, did Leroy show any interest in returning to captivity. This was about a year ago by now. Pookie and Leroy have since become friends (more-or-less) and learned to coexist peacefully, but first there was a brief period of intense jealosy and kittycat combat.

Their names are, of course, arbitary at best. As pointed out above, cats aren't much for answering to names, or answering at all, anyway. Pick a name YOU like; it'll always mean more to you than to the cat(s), anyway...